Booth Expansion

THIS OPTION IS TO ADD AN ADDITIONAL 10’x10′ space to your existing booth purchase.

We are offering the remaining space as an add on to your booth. This would add another 10×10 space to your booth, including one more 8×30 front table.
This space can be used for extra room to spread out the artists in your booth, provide more space for your clients, or add space for you to expand your merchandise, sell prints, original art, shirts, etc.
This CANNOT be used to add another tattoo artist to your booth, sell tattoo supplies, or bring in an unregistered vendor to sell their wares.
These spaces are extremely limited, so please purchase now if you are wanting to take advantage of this offer. Once the space is claimed, it is gone, and we cannot provide more.

Original price was: $775.00.Current price is: $300.00.